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Bubba VonMax

William Max Kidwell, (b.1958, Phoenix, Arizona)  aka Bubba VonMax, is a self-described, “abstract expressionist doodler.” Working with a variety of mediums, using color and texture to establish a more visceral approach to his work. Choosing to blur the lines of cultural norms and narratives, his imagery runs a broad range of styles.

A child of the Sixties whose idols range from Kandinsky, Klimt, and Rothko to Von Dutch, Ed Roth and Robert Williams, VonMax’s work varies from finding “hidden” visions in one of his “Doodle” paintings to the layering of bold colors and textures on canvas, reclaimed wood cabinets, sheet metal and most any material the he can paint or draw on as he continuously urges himself to renegotiate his art in an effort to make it more reactive. Through abstraction and surrealism, he attempts to approach a myriad of subjects in a multi-layered way in an efforts to involve the viewer in his work.

VonMax’s works directly respond to the surrounding environment and uses everyday experiences and emotions from the artist as a starting point. Although more of a free-flowing improvisational approach as opposed to conceptual, he creates intense personal moments as well as displaying his sense of humor and cynicism in his attempt to lure one in to his world of abstraction.

The results are deconstructed to the extent that the meaning is shifted, and possible interpretation becomes multifaceted.

VonMax is also a member of Stuckism* International and the founder of the ‘Phoenix Guerilla Stuckists, in 2010.

VonMax currently lives and works from his home studio in Winfield, Kansas.

*For more information on Stuckism, please visit www.stuckism.com.