Welcome to the Home of Bubba VonMax Art and Photography

Thank you or stopping by the new internet home of Abstract, Expressionist and Remodernist Artist, William Max Kidwell (aka) Bubba VonMax. 

VonMax’s work has been described as eclectic and edgy noting his dramatic use of tones and contrast of vibrant colors. His paintings, through his use of texture combined with the gradation of colors in alternating patterns and directions provides a tactile as well as deep visual experience. VonMax’s deep appreciation of art and artistic influences show in each one of his works as they are in many ways tributes to those who have influenced him. From Da Vinci to Big Daddy, a fellow artist once described some of VonMax’s work as a, “Mash-up of Mad Magazine meets 16th Century Wood Cuts.” VonMax does believe this was meant in a complimentary way.

So again, thank you for stopping by. We hope that you enjoy the art of VonMax and should you see anything that you are interested in, please feel free to contact us for prices.

VonMax is frequently seen at monthly First Friday events in Phoenix and Scottsdale and is a familiar face at the annual Art Walk and Art Detour in Downtown Phoenix. He attends numerous Art Fairs throughout the year in his home state of Arizona and across the country. Please check the calendar and we hope to see you at an upcoming event!


Legal Stuff  – You Know, The Fine Print

VonMax’s original art work and all images unless otherwise noted are the copyrighted, licensed and registered property of BubbaVonMax, LLC., and as such may not be used without the expressed written consent and permission of Bubba VonMax, LLC. Bubba VonMax, LLC, reserves the right to prosecute any and all violations.